New items, New pictures Yay it's about time!

>> Sunday, November 23, 2008


Wondering if Etsy showcases are really worth it?

>> Friday, November 7, 2008

So I have purchased quite a few spots in various showcases lately. I am just wondering if it is really worth the money. I haven't noticed any difference. I am getting a lot of views but not many purchases. Not sure if people actually pay attention to the showcases.


Mad rush for the holidays

>> Thursday, November 6, 2008

I am in a mad rush to get my pictures all redone on all my listings on etsy. My pictures now are all pixelated. I am trying to work all the kinks out. Lighting is really hard in the pacific northwest this time of year. I am hoping to have all the new pics listed tomorrow. The jars are all assembled and we are going to finish photographing tomorrow and then swap out the pixelated ones.


>> Monday, November 3, 2008



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Meg's Creations is SAHM/WAHM business, layering up lots of love into delicious, ready-made-mixes. From cookies & brownies, to soups & dips, pancake & muffin mixes, with over 125 mixes in all. My home is 100% smoke and pet free, and I do all my baking in a commercial kitchen that is licensed by the state of Washington. All mixes are freshly made to order, and are available in reusable, decorative mason jars, zip-lock bags, or our new recyclable, eco-friendly cloth bags!

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