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>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Been struggling lately with where I am going with all this baking and mixes. I love it so much and definitely want to make it into a very successful business. The way things are right now is making me go crazy though. Between my wholesale orders, my local orders, craft shows, my etsy orders and now with wedding season all the catering orders. I love each and every one of these ventures but this has really boomed into more than I can handle. Need to figure out what my focus will be for now and run with that. I have so many great ideas for new recipes and can't get them made fast enough. Been jotting down notes constantly. I have so many ideas for blog posts half written out. I have so many recipes that just need that final testing.

So you can see my dilemma. I am just way overwhelmed and that is not even counting all the other things going on right now. How do you focus? How do you find your motivation? Ultimately how do you decide which would be best for you and your family? How do you let the things you just dont have time for go? Something obviously needs to change. I have an assistant but still I can't get everything done. I have so many passions that I just want to pursue them all but not enough of me to go around.


Price changes

>> Monday, May 4, 2009

So I am doing a complete overhaul of my shop. Tomorrow I will be closing my shop for a few hours(10am till about 1 or 2 pst) to change so many things. I will be editing my policies, all my descriptions and lots of photos. My packaging is changing as well. Right now as things are in my shop I am not making anything at all. I have struggled with the decision to raise my prices. I have no other choice if I am going to make this a successful business though. I am not out to make a fortune or anything. I am a licensed and fully insured food processor and not just a little home baker anymore. My prices need to reflect my professional bakery and quality ingredients used.

Right now my jars and cookies are a super bargain. So take advantage because unfortunately the prices will be changed to the below prices by tomorrow afternoon. Go take advantage of some great deals

My jars will only be listed in these quantities. I will gladly do custom orders for other quantities but to keep things organized in my shop these will be the listings.
Glass quart jars
Single jars $8 plus $6 shipping
3 jars for $22 plus $13.50 shipping
6 jars for $40 plus $25 shipping

Pint jars
Single jars $6.50 plus $4 shipping
3 jars for $17 plus $9.75 shipping
6 jars for $30 plus $13.50 shipping

My cookies will now be listed in 1 or 2 dozen listing only. I would love to do custom listings for other quantities but I will only be keeping listings of 1 or 2 dozen in my shop.
1 dozen standard size cookies will be $10 plus $7 shipping
1 dozen new cookie mini bites will be $6 plus $4 shipping
2 dozen standard size cookies will be $18 plus $9.75 shipping
2 dozen new cookie mini bites will be $10 plus $7 shipping

There will also be a whole new line of mixes which will get listed tomorrow and wednesday.


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Meg's Creations is SAHM/WAHM business, layering up lots of love into delicious, ready-made-mixes. From cookies & brownies, to soups & dips, pancake & muffin mixes, with over 125 mixes in all. My home is 100% smoke and pet free, and I do all my baking in a commercial kitchen that is licensed by the state of Washington. All mixes are freshly made to order, and are available in reusable, decorative mason jars, zip-lock bags, or our new recyclable, eco-friendly cloth bags!

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