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>> Monday, April 19, 2010

Wow how the last 4 years have flown by. I remember sitting at my kitchen table drinking my coffee. Thinking to myself how I had completely burnt out on the childcare industry. Absolutely love the children but it just wasn't the right career path for me.
Knew I wanted to do something with food. Had been getting compliments about my baking and cooking for years. In high school at culinary classes I discovered this passion of mine. Just never know where to take it.
Until that morning not so very long ago. I decided I would create some mixes in jars similar to what we used to give as gifts when I was a child. I fiddled with recipes for almost 6 months. Then came that first season of craft shows and bazaars. Oh how I learned from those first shows.
Then one day a friend told me about Sounded interesting and something I should check out. I even got on the site and set up an account. Couldn't think of a name because I wasn't really sure what I would be selling yet. Thought oh Megs Creations sounded good no matter what I sold.
Well I got busy with life and forgot about that account I set up. Then one morning when I was a little down on myself. Sitting there drinking my coffee. Going crazy taking care of 8 kiddos 50-60 hours a week. The local news did a story on a few etsy shops that were run by local stay at home moms. Then suddenly I remembered that forgotten shop I had set up.
Decided right then to bake a ton of stuff and get it in my little Etsy shop. That was August 2008 and wow have we grown since then.


About Meg's Creations

Meg's Creations is SAHM/WAHM business, layering up lots of love into delicious, ready-made-mixes. From cookies & brownies, to soups & dips, pancake & muffin mixes, with over 125 mixes in all. My home is 100% smoke and pet free, and I do all my baking in a commercial kitchen that is licensed by the state of Washington. All mixes are freshly made to order, and are available in reusable, decorative mason jars, zip-lock bags, or our new recyclable, eco-friendly cloth bags!

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