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>> Monday, January 10, 2011

Last week was the scariest week of my life. Let me start this story back in September though. I had been having these pains in the upper right portion of my tummy for months. On the night of September 11th I had had enough and went to the ER. They diagnosed me as having a bad gallbladder that needed removed immediately. The following day they removed my gallbladder and I went home a couple days later.

After the expected recuperation time of 4-6 weeks I was still having those same pains in my stomach. The dr's were not sure of what was causing these pains but they kept doing tests. Throughout the months of October through December I had CT scans, MRI's and many more tests.

Meanwhile I had began taking shorter breaths due to the pains. By Christmas I was noticing it was hard to breath at times. But my stubborn self just kept working through the pain and now shortness of breath.

Finally on Tuesday January 4th I made an appointment with my doctor regarding the shortness of breath. By the time I got to the doctor that day my heart rate had elevated(220s) and my breathing had gotten very very bad. The doctor called an ambulance and I took a ride to the hospital with two very cute EMT's. By the time we got to the hospital my blood pressure was 148/108 and my heart rate was 235.

I was admitted to the hospital and was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia from not taking full breaths from the pain. Also I had let it go too long to the point I had sepsis (blood poisoning). They started administering major antibiotics through IV's immediately. I slowly started feeling better until Wednesday when the pain in my stomach started getting worse.

On Wednesday afternoon I went into respiratory distress and quit breathing. The nurse called the "rapid response team" to my room over the intercom. Before I knew it they had several dozen people squishing into my hospital room and they began CPR. I did not have to have chest compressions. But they classified it as CPR due to the artificial breathing for me. Luckily my breathing started to regulate itself just moments before they were starting to intubate me.

I stayed in the hospital until Friday the 7th. I am now home trying to recuperate. It is very hard for me not to be up and about. I am always baking or promoting my shop. Right now it is a new learning experience for me to learn to take care of myself. I am not sure if Megs Creations will ever be reopening. That is something I will have to think very hard about.


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