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>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have added so many new mixes lately. I now offer over 120 varieties. I now have Cookies, Brownies, Soup, Dip, Muffins, Pancakes & Dog Biscuit mixes. So much going on in such a short amount of time. Never thought that this idea would really take off online. Been selling these at shows for a while but never thought you could sell these online. Wow has it taken off though. So much to learn and process. Twitter, blogging, promoting and listing new stuff. Can't wait to get a new camera. The pictures have so much to be desired. Now to work on the switch over from promoting these mixes as holiday gifts to everyday purchases. Tomorrow I have the main showcase. Haven't gotten to much business from the category showcases but hoping main will bring more sales. Struggling with choosing a date to stop all shipments for Christmas buyers. Sorry this is such random thoughts but it is just what has been on my mind about this whole mixes business. Gonna try to blog regularly also.


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Meg's Creations is SAHM/WAHM business, layering up lots of love into delicious, ready-made-mixes. From cookies & brownies, to soups & dips, pancake & muffin mixes, with over 125 mixes in all. My home is 100% smoke and pet free, and I do all my baking in a commercial kitchen that is licensed by the state of Washington. All mixes are freshly made to order, and are available in reusable, decorative mason jars, zip-lock bags, or our new recyclable, eco-friendly cloth bags!

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