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>> Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have been struggling for a while to figure out a focus for my blog. I love blogging and the whole idea of getting my words and ideas out is fabulous. My problem is I have way too much to say and not enough time to say any of it. Maybe I need several blogs, lol. This is something I have actually contemplated. Then someone mentioned Squidoo and I need to look into that but haven't had time. Some of the ideas for blogs I have might just work well as lens over there. Sometimes I think of starting a baking blog with just recipes and tips. Which I probably will do soon but the biggest factor stopping me there is: why do I want to give all my recipes away if I am trying to sell these baked goods. So I will probably work more on the technique and tips part. I could fill a whole blog with just the photos and funny mishaps of my baking. For instance I have been trying a new recipe a day for the last month and a half. A few of the recipes come out great the first time but most recipes have to be tweaked quite a bit for my liking. Made pretzels last week and oh wow were they so yummy. Those pretzels were so ugly though, could never have sold any. We ate them all up before I could take a picture though. So thats when it occured to me to starting blogging about these recipes a day and how the recipes are always works in progress. Another blog I have thought of is just blogging about life after a stroke and being a new mom while recovering. Or I could blog about being a small business owner in todays economy, or running a daycare/preschool and early childhood education or just about life in general for me which is quite chaotic in itself. See I have so many ideas floating in my head but not really going anywhere with any of them. I need to just decide and focus on one blog subject and really get going with it. So this blog will more than likely become all about megscreations and my mixes and I will start an all new blog with a specific subject that I am going to really concentrate on. Haha just reread all these ramblings and I sorta find amusement in the fact I just went on and on about needing to blog. Well stay tuned for the unveiling of my new blog soon.


Kelle's Kitchen March 23, 2009 at 9:44 AM  

Ha ha, that is motivation! I don't think I'd have the time to maintain all of those blogs, I barely have time to maintain the one I have! I am impressed!!

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