March Madness Comes To An End!

>> Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow this has been a crazy month indeed. Happy to see it coming to an end and am going to go int o April with a whole new perspective. I have been really moody and gloomy the last week. I am one of those people that can't say no to anything and so I am constantly way too busy. Today was really nice. Spent the whole morning just playing with my kids. Then taught my baking class in the afternoon. Tomorrow I have a lot planned. I am going to finish my spring cleaning list. Been meaning to update everyone on alot of stuff but haven't had a chance but am going to take a moment now.

Grandma update: health wise not much has changed. Which actually is really good. The cancer has spread to her liver, spine and her remaining lung. But she is still doing really well considering. I admire the courage and strength she has.

Daycare/Preschool update: I am still unsure what I want to do about this. Right now I am licensed for daycare but inactive status. I have still been watching my cousins two (1 yo and 2 yo) full time . Also been watching another 2 year old little girl part time. So that's 4 toddlers 1 - 3 years old full time and 5 sometimes. My ideal situation would be to not have any daycare kids here full time but to only do preschool for 6-8 kiddos in the mornings. Right now financially I can't do this. But going from 6-8 toddlers full time to 4-5 has been great. I still have my helper girl coming 10-15 hours a week too. No daycare today and tomorrow which has been a much needed break.

Migraines update: I had almost 2 weeks without a single migraine. Which made me really hopeful that things were under control. But this last week I had 3 migraines and almost every day had at least a dull headache. Waiting on a call back from the hematologists office for results from last weeks appointment. I have a feeling my platelet level is really high again. That means meds change, lots of side effects:( and lots of iron. But hopefully we will at least get down to the bottom of it. I know alot of it is stress but not migraines this often and too this extreme just stress.

Life in general. Have finals at the end of April which means all my papers/projects are due by then. So will be extremely busy with school for a few weeks. Also have tons of church activities planned this whole next month. Wow looking at my planner for April you would think it is a schedule for a small army but just mine, lol.

Etsy/Megs Creations update: Oh I could go on and on here but it is getting late and laptop is dying. Will finish this part in the next few days because I do have tons of things coming up to announce for Megs Creations. But for now I am off to bed.


Double Dipped Sweets April 1, 2009 at 9:56 AM  

I am amazed at all you do! Good luck with your headaches, and try to get some rest!

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